If you decide that you want to go back to school or advance your career by getting further education or career training, you have options as a Soldier, Veteran, or Military Spouse:

  • Get a college or advanced degree
  • Earn a credential, certification, license, or certificate
  • Participate in career or on-the-job training (yes, this includes apprenticeships)

Not sure which one is best for you? Or how on earth you would even pay for it? This Education toolkit was designed to help you answer those questions!

Just a few notes and resources before we get started:

  • Transitioning Soldiers
    • Have you made use of the Tuition Assistance Program (click the link and the Paying for Your Education tab for more information), and are you on track to graduate before you leave the military? Make sure you leave the military with an education or a certified skill (the Army will help you pay for it, so why not?!). And get started early - at least two years before your transition if you can - so you can finish your studies before you leave the military (and the active duty tuition benefits that come with it).
    • Your Army TAP classes will also help you figure out what your path will be if formal education or career training is in your future.

Want a shortcut to the Education resources that we mention in our toolkit? Just visit the Education page right here on our website!


Disclaimer: The resources and links listed above are provided to assist you in pursuit of your education goals. The organizations listed are not an endorsement or partnership of the U.S. Army or Soldier For Life program.